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Recent Publications

T. Sewastianik, M. Jiang, K. Sukhdeo, S.S. Patel, K. Roberts, Y. Kang, A. Alduaij, P.S. Dennis, B. Lawney, R. Liu, Z. Song, J. Xiong, Y. Zhang, M.E. Lemieux, G.S. Pinkus, J.N. Rich, D.M. Weinstock, C.G. Mullighan, N.E. Sharpless, R.D. Carrasco. Constitutive Ras signaling and Ink4a/Arf inactivation cooperate during the development of B-ALL in mice. Blood Advances (2017) Nov 28;1(25)2361.

I.I. Nitulescu, S.C. Meyer, Q.J. Wen, J.D. Crispino, M.E. Lemieux, R.L. Levine, H.E. Pelish, M.D. Shair. Mediator Kinase Phosphorylation of STAT1 S727 Promotes Growth of Neoplasms With JAK-STAT Activation. EBioMedicine (2017) Dec;26:112-125. [Epub ahead of print] Nov 21. pii:S2352-3964(17)30456-5. [Abstract]

A.A. Alekseyenko, E.M. Walsh, B.M. Zee, T. Pakozdi, P. Hsi, M.E. Lemieux, P. Dal Cin, T.A. Ince, P.V. Kharchenko, M.I. Kuroda, C.A. French. Ectopic protein interactions within BRD4-chromatin complexes drive oncogenic megadomain formation in NUT midline carcinoma. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017) May 23;114(21):E4184-E4192. [Abstract]

Q. Duan, S. McMahon, P. Anand, H. Shah, S. Thomas, H.T. Salunga, Y. Huang, R. Zhang, A. Sahadevan, M.E. Lemieux, J.D. Brown, D. Srivastava, J.E. Bradner, T.A. McKinsey, S.M. Haldar. BET bromodomain inhibition suppresses innate inflammatory and profibrotic transcriptional networks in heart failure. Sci Transl Med (2017) May 17;9(390). pii: eaah5084. [Abstract]

L.R. Klebanow, E.C. Peshel, A.T. Schuster, K. De, K. Sarvepalli, M.E. Lemieux, J.J. Lenoir, A.W. Moore, J.A. McDonald, M.S. Longworth. Drosophila Condensin II subunit Chromosome-associated protein D3 regulates cell fate determination through non-cell-autonomous signaling. Development (2016) Aug 1;143(15):2791-802. Epub 2016 Jun 17.[Abstract]

M.E. Miller, P. Rosten, M.E. Lemieux, C. Lai, R.K. Humphries. Meis1 Is Required for Adult Mouse Erythropoiesis, Megakaryopoiesis and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Expansion. PloS one (2016) Mar 17;11(3):e0151584.[Abstract]

T. Zhou, S.N. Perez, Z. Cheng, M.C. Kinney, M.E. Lemieux, L.M. Scott, V.I. Rebel. Context Matters: Distinct Disease Outcomes as a Result of Crebbp Hemizygosity in Different Mouse Bone Marrow Compartments. PloS One (2016) Jul 18;11(7):e0158649.[Abstract]

A. Morrison-Nozik, P. Anand, H. Zhu, Q. Duan, M. Sabeh, D.A. Prosdocimo, M.E. Lemieux, N. Nordsborg, A.P. Russell, C.A. MacRae, A.N. Gerber, M.K. Jain, S.M. Haldar. Glucocorticoids Enhance Muscle Endurance and Ameliorate Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy through a Defined Metabolic Program. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015) Dec 8;112(49):E6780-9. Epub 2015 Nov 23.[Abstract]

H.J. Kim, R.A. Barnitz, T. Kreslavsky, F.D. Brown, H. Moffett, M.E. Lemieux, Y. Kaygusuz, T. Meissner, T.A. Holderried, S. Chan, P. Kastner, W.N. Haining, H. Cantor. Stable inhibitory activity of regulatory T cells requires the transcription factor Helios. Science (2015) Oct 8;526(7572):273-6.[Abstract]

H.E. Pelish, B.B. Liau, I.I. Nitulescu, A. Tangpeerachaikul, Z.C. Poss, D.H. Da Silva, B.T. Caruso, A. Arefolov, O. Fadeyi, A.L. Christie, K. Du, D. Banka, E.V. Schneider, A. Jestel, G. Zou, C. Si, C.C. Ebmeier, R.T. Bronson, A.V. Krivtsov, A.G. Myers, N.E. Kohl, A.L. Kung, S.A. Armstrong, M.E. Lemieux, D.J. Taatjes, M.D. Shair. Mediator kinase inhibition further activates super-enhancer-associated genes in AML. Nature (2015) Oct 16;350(6258):334-9.[Abstract]

L. Patriquin, D.T. Merrick, D. Hill, R.G. Holcomb, M.E. Lemieux, G. Bennett, B. Karia, V.I. Rebel, T. Bauer 2nd. Early Detection of Lung Cancer with Meso Tetra (4-Carboxyphenyl) Porphyrin-Labeled Sputum. J Thorac Oncol. (2015) Sep;10(9):1311-8.[Abstract]

C.A. French, S. Rahman, E.M. Walsh, S. Kuhnle, A.R. Grayson, M.E. Lemieux, N. Grunfeld, B.P. Rubin, C.R. Antonescu, S. Zhang, R. Venkatramani, P. Dal Cin, P.M. Howley. NSD3-NUT Fusion Oncoprotein in NUT Midline Carcinoma: Implications for a Novel Oncogenic Mechanism. Cancer Discov. (2014) May 29. pii: CD-14-0014 [Epub ahead of print].[Abstract]

M. Kurachi, R.A. Barnitz, N. Yosef, P.M. Odorizzi, M.A. Diiorio, M.E. Lemieux, K. Yates, J. Godec, M.G. Klatt, A. Regev, E.J. Wherry, W.N. Haining. The transcription factor BATF operates as an essential differentiation checkpoint in early effector CD8 T cells. Nat Immunol. (2014) Apr;15(4):373-83. Epub 2014 Mar 2.[Abstract]

P. Anand, J.D. Brown, C.Y. Lin, J. Qi, R. Zhang, P.C. Artero, M.A. Alaiti, J. Bullard, K. Alazem, K.B. Margulies, T.P. Cappola, M. Lemieux, J. Plutzky, J.E. Bradner, S.M. Haldar. BET Bromodomains Mediate Transcriptional Pause Release in Heart Failure. Cell (2013) Aug 1;154(3):569-82.[Abstract]

K. Takada, D. Zhu, G.H. Bird, K. Sukhdeo, J.J. Zhao, M. Mani, M. Lemieux, D.E. Carrasco, J. Ryan, D. Horst, M. Fulcitini, N.C. Munshi, W. Xu, A.L. Kung, R.A. Shivdasani, L.D. Walensky, D.R. Carrasco. Targeted Disruption of the BCL9/β-Catenin Complex Inhibits Oncogenic Wnt Signaling. Sci Transl Med (2012) Aug 22;4(148):148ra117.[Abstract]

M.M. Matzuk, M.R. McKeown, P. Filippakopoulos, Q. Li, L. Ma, J.E. Agno, M.E. Lemieux, S. Picaud, R.N. Yu, J. Qi, S. Knapp, J.E. Bradner. Small-Molecule Inhibition of BRDT for Male Contraception. Cell (2012) Aug 17;150(4):673-84.[Abstract]

S.N. Zimmer, M.E. Lemieux (co-first author), B.P. Karia, C. Day, T. Zhou, Q. Zhou, A.L. Kung, U. Suresh, Y. Chen, M.C. Kinney, A.J.R. Bishop, V.I. Rebel. Mice heterozygous for CREB binding protein are hypersensitive to γ-radiation and invariably develop myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasm. Exp Hematol (2012) Apr;40(4):295-306.e5. Epub 2011 Dec 20.[Abstract]

M.E. Lemieux, Z. Cheng, Q. Zhou, R. White, J. Cornell, A.L. Kung and V.I. Rebel. Inactivation of a single copy of Crebbp selectively alters pre-mRNA processing in mouse hematopoietic stem cells. PLoS One (2011) 6(8):e24153. Epub 2011 Aug 25.[Abstract]

J.E. Delmore, G.C. Issa, M.E. Lemieux, P.B. Rahl, J. Shi, H.M. Jacobs, E. Kastritis, T. Gilpatrick, R.M. Paranal, J. Qi, M. Chesi, A.C. Schinzel, M.R. McKeown, T.P. Heffernan, C.R. Vakoc, P.L. Bergsagel, I.M. Ghobrial, P.G. Richardson, R.A. Young, W.C. Hahn, K.C. Anderson, A.L. Kung, J.E. Bradner and C.S. Mitsiades. BET bromodomain inhibition as a therapeutic strategy to target c-Myc. Cell (2011) Sep 16;146(6):904-17. Epub 2011 Sep 1.[Abstract]

B.E. Schwartz, M.D. Hofer, M.E. Lemieux, D.E. Bauer, M.J. Cameron, N.H. West, E.S. Agoston, N. Reynoird, S. Khochbin, T.A. Ince, A. Christie, K.A. Janeway, S.O. Vargas, A.R. Perez-Atayde, J.C. Aster, S.E. Sallan, A.L. Kung, J.E. Bradner and C.A. French. Differentiation of NUT midline carcinoma by epigenomic reprogramming. Cancer Res (2011) Apr 1;71(7):2686-96. Epub 2011 Mar 29.[Abstract]

B.G. Wilson, X. Wang, X. Shen, E.S. McKenna, M.E. Lemieux, Y.J. Cho, E.C. Koellhoffer, S.L. Pomeroy, S.H. Orkin and C.W. Roberts. Epigenetic antagonism between polycomb and SWI/SNF complexes during oncogenic transformation. Cancer Cell (2010) Oct 19;18(4):316-28.[Abstract]

E.A. Kimbrel, M.E. Lemieux, X. Xia, T.E. Davis and A.L. Kung. Systematic in vivo structure-function analysis of p300 in hematopoiesis. Blood (2009) 114:4804-4812. Epub 2009 Oct 12. [Abstract]

T.V. Kolesnikova, A.R. Kazarov, M.E. Lemieux, M.A. Lafleur, S. Kesari, A.L. Kung and M.E. Hemler. Glioblastoma inhibition by cell surface immunoglobulin protein EWI-2, in vitro and in vivo. Neoplasia (2009) Jan;11(1):77-86, 4p following 86. [Abstract]

A.V. Krivtsov, Z. Feng, M.E. Lemieux, J. Faber, S. Vempati, A.U. Sinha, X. Xia, J. Jesneck, A.P. Bracken, L.B. Silverman, J.L. Kutok, A.L. Kung and S.A. Armstrong. H3K79 methylation profiles define murine and human MLL-AF4 leukemias. Cancer Cell (2008) Nov 4;14(5):355-68. [Abstract]

D.S. Ziegler, R.D. Wright, S. Keshari, M.E. Lemieux, M.A. Tran, M. Jain, L. Zawel and A.L. Kung. Resistance of human glioblastoma multiforme cells to growth factor inhibitors is overcome by blockade of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins. J Clin Invest (2008) Sep;118(9):3109-22. [Abstract]

Last update: 19 September 2016